Create and download your own action plan to help you in your business. Our online interactive business planning tools are easy and fast to use. They include extra help for when you’re unsure about what to write and they have examples and downloadable templates as well.

Business plan template

It is important you have a business plan. Whether you are starting or growing your business it will help you raise funds and set a strategic direction.

Competitor analysis

All businesses have competitors – and not just the rival down the street. This interactive business plan tool helps you to think about how your competitors might affect your business.

Developing a start-up business plan

If you’re looking to start a business, then use our online Quick Start Business Plan to cover the main aspects you’ll need to think about; your business idea.

How to lower the risk

Going into business is all about taking calculated risks instead of outright gambles. In this interactive business plan tool we help you minimize and avoid those risks.

Is there a market?

You could have a cutting-edge new idea, but regardless of how great your idea is, you need to have people willing to spend money with you. Use this interactive business plan tool to assess if you have a market suitable to turning your idea into a functional business.

Managing external risk

Most people plan to be in business for a significant period of time. In this interactive business plan we help you to protect your investment of energy, determination and hard-earned capital.

Should you go into business?

Should you go into business? Some people think about it for years before taking the plunge, others take their idea and dive in headfirst. This interactive business plan tool helps you to test if your idea could be profitable enough to sustain your business long term.

SWOT Analysis Template

A SWOT analysis is used to help fine-tune your business strategy