Save time with our ready-to-use business templates. Whether you need to work out a cash flow forecast for your new or existing business or write a complete business plan, our templates will help you get off to a flying start.

Business plan template

It is important you have a business plan. Whether you are starting or growing your business it will help you raise funds and set a strategic direction.

Cash flow forecast template

Use this template to forecast your income and expenses for the next 12 months. This will help you to plan for any upcoming cash surpluses and shortfalls.

SWOT Analysis Template

A SWOT analysis is used to help fine-tune your business strategy

Work out your break-even point

This template helps you to work out how much money you need to make to cover your overheads and make the amount of profit you seek.

Work out your burn down

This template will work out how much time your business has before you run out of money based on your savings and your current business income.

Work out your start-up costs

When analyzing if you should develop a new idea or not, then there is no point going any further if you cannot make any money.

Your plan for success

A business plan is like a road map: as your business takes new pathways you need to recognize the milestones along the way and take a reliable route to the planned destination.